Ideas for excursions in the Morbihan

The Morbihan: a department rich in attractivity

The Morbihan, a department of Brittany, is voted the most beautiful region on France. Yes, we aren’t making it up, it’s the TF1 Sociovision survey that says so and we’re pleased to be able to share the wealth of our area with you. Known for its andouille de Guémén and its salted butter caramel, the Morbihan harbours a concentration of different unique skills, historic places and ancestral traditions enriching its cultural heritage and making it an unforgettable little bit of land. With its rich history, our department has known many great eras and its adventure began a long time ago. About 6,500 years ago during the Neolithic age, our Morbihanais ancestors began erecting rather special stone structures. Today our land is still renowned for these carved monuments which have been passed on to us, the megaliths. You might also know them as dolmens and standing stones (menhirs). These vestiges of our history are the pride of the Morbihan.

Need an idea for an excursion in the Morbihan? Follow the guide for a dream weekend

Ideas for excursions in the Morbihan: Day 1

At last, you’ve arrived in Lorient, all you want to do is unpack your bags and discover the places you’ve heard so much about! In one of the Club hôtelier hotels you’ll be able to stay with peace of mind. Created in 1988 it represents 80% of the hotels from the outskirts to the town centre and up to the coast. Choose according to your preferences and your budget.

You’ve picked up your keys, the cases are in the room? It’s time to go and head to Port-Louis, where you’ll visit the Musée de la Marine. With 400 years of history, the Citadel offers an exceptional panoramic view of the bay of Lorient and the Isle of Groix from the top of its ramparts. The visit continues inside the high walls of the Place d’Armes , the Parc à boulets and the Poudrière and the Arsénal.

Its nearly lunchtime, you wander down the streets of the town and come to the port where you will be pleased to find several restaurants with a view of the sea and local specialities on the menu. You’re already by the sea, and that’s handy as you’re right beside the Escal’Ouest boat terminal for your afternoon outing, a commented cruise on the Bay. You’ll discover the land from the sea by taking on the role of a navigator, after all, Lorient has been famous for centuries for its maritime activities, hasn’t it? Back at the Lorient La Base boat terminal at around 16h you can easily make the most of the town on foot before going back to your fantastic hotel!

Ideas for excursions in the Morbihan: Day 2

Did you sleep well? Great! This morning you’ll head to the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly. Over 3 hours of discovery of sailing and ocean racing.

Open your eyes wide, the ocean adventure is waiting for you here in Lorient in a fun and dynamic museum space with films, manipulations, navigation simulator, 4 D cinema… And original introduction to navigation in the wake of Eric Tabarly, outstanding sailor, passionate precursor and great designer. In the same road, 2 minutes away on foot, you can go to the Comptoir Groix et Nature for lunch. You’ll discover the preserves and traditionally prepared and cooked natural fish dishes without any artificial colouring and preservatives using raw materials from small fishing boats.

A long weekend?

You didn’t want to leave without really making the most of the area! So today, no lie in, you’re gonna get up early for a choice of activities. First option: Open Sea fishing initiation trip with Escal’Ouest Crossings and Cruises. Plunge into the world of fishing for a few hours! Accompanied by ex-professional fishermen, enjoy feeling your line vibrate and bring back mackerels and pouting for your lunchtime barbecue!!!

Second option: Stopover in Hennebont market, Escal’Ouest Crossings and Cruises offers you a trip commented by one of our sailor guides during which you can let yourself be carried past beautiful landscapes. After a little over an hour’s navigation in an unspoilt natural environment, we berth in the centre of Hennebont where you can make the most by doing your market shopping in a medieval setting!  When you get back from this getaway on the water you can have lunch on the Lorient Marina or in the town centre before visiting the Keroman submarine base or you can go for a walk in the green nature of the greenway. (Oh yes! It’s not called that for nothing!) between Lorient and Ploemeur.

Our little corners of paradise, your holidays in the Morbihan.

The island of Arz, the island of Houat, the island of Hoëdic… we’ve got a lot of islands in the Morbihan. Each one more exotic than the last, they all have a little something that makes them unique. Amongst them there are 2 that we all know, Belle-Île-en-Mer and Groix, the 2 biggest islands in Brittany, these 2 unmissables are renowned for their exceptional natural wealth and their captivating seascapes. One off the coast of Lorient, the other off the coast of Quiberon, they both promise unforgettable moments. Alone, with your family or friends you’ll enjoy a festival of colours, fragrances and sensations of your own. And you can get there on board one of Escal’Ouest Crossings and Cruises’ boats!

Off the coast of Lorient: The isle of Groix

Groix, Grenat Island, the rock of Brittany, if there’s one place not to miss in Brittany it’s this island and its breathtaking landscapes. Escal’Ouest Crossings and Cruises will be your partner for this beautiful trip, according to your needs and preferences.

For those with sea legs, a commented tour of the island, you’ll discover it from another angle and will find out more about every feature that makes it unique.

For those who like to put their feet on the ground, a cruise with stopover on Groix, to breath in the fresh sea air and that of the wild heathland.

For travellers with more time or more flexibility: a crossing to the island from Lorient to make the most of the island and come back when you feel like it.

Off the coast of Quiberon: Belle-Île-en-Mer

Belle-Île is a total change of scenery with extraordinary landscapes. There’s a good reason why it’s aptly called « the well named »! And as we don’t want you to miss the opportunity of discovering this island paradise, we’ve decided to organise 2 cruises so you can choose which one you prefer.

Want to stay on the water? Opt for the Belle-Île commented coastal cruise. Belle-Île-en-Mer is known as one of the most beautiful islands in Brittany. And what if it were even more beautiful seen from the sea? Embark with Escal’Ouest Crossings and Cruises to see for yourself during a cruise commented by Soazig our guide-lecturer. See things from another perspective and admire Belle-Île, its beautiful landscapes and its history from the sea!

Want to walk on this dream island? Opt for a day cruise with stopover on the island. Breath in the sea air and make the most of the crossing because in 1h30 you’ll berth on Belle-Île-en-Mer. Departing from Lorient and Port-Louis, the red Escal’Ouest boats take you to a new destination, towards the port of Sauzon on Belle-Île-en-Mer! Make the most of this day cruise with stopover to discover the biggest Breton Island. With its exceptional landscapes, rich historical heritage and a variety of activities the well named will welcome you with open arms for an unforgettable day.

Escal’Ouest guides you in the creation of your memories with its ideas for outings in the Morbihan.

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